We lived in the country when I was a boy. We had horses, dogs, cows, goats, and rabbits-- domestic white rabbits that lived in hutches and did little more than eat and poop. They didn’t like to be held, but they tolerated being petted, and, oh, how luxurious they were! It gave me enormous pleasure to run my hands through their fur. It was my job to feed them and keep their hutches clean, which wasn’t so hard, really. They were actually quite neat, doing their business mostly in one spot where their droppings would fall between the wires of the hutch onto the ground. I simply had to shovel it up. It never occurred to me why we had rabbits. We simply lived in the country and had animals. The ducks were not kept in pens. They stayed on our property, more or less, because we fed them; otherwise they marched up and down the street quacking off in a way that sounded not unlike military cadences. The females laid two or three eggs a day, which we used in our baking. They might be left anywhere around the house, so every day was an egg hunt. I don't know why we had goats, but they were fun to have around, too.